Vocals, Guitar, Saxophone, Mandolin & Harmonica

Israel was born in Missoula, MT and raised in Spokane, WA.  Izzi picked up playing saxophone at age 12, inspired by smooth jazz and blues.  However, his love for gospel and worship music prodded him into playing guitar and songwriting by age 14.  

He taught himself how to play harmonica, played drums in the high school marching band and later picked up the mandolin.

When his mother moved back to Montana to live on Copper Mountain Road in Troy, Izzi would go and visit her and his siblings as often as he could while still living in Spokane with his father.

Country music became the soundtrack of his life during his high school years, always bringing him back to his real home in Montana.  He subsequently moved to Kalispell in 2006 to play music full time in a local country bar, where he met his wife Kristin.  

Not only does he play and sing, Israel has also written several songs and is endorsed by Toadworks pedals and Talago custom guitars.